Wanna Be There is a travel website for anybody that loves to travel and take vacations. I keep it updated with fresh content. Providing travel tips and detailed information to some great destinations.

I'm open to working with all businesses that are relevant to what my readers are searching for on the site. If that's the type of business that you have, great.

Here are some ways we can work together

Sponsored Posts

I can do a blog post for your business and publish on my site. I'll also talk about it to my social media followers and email subscribers. Bringing you more visitors and potential clients.

Social Media Promotion

I can promote your destination, product or service to all of my social media followers.

Product or Service Reviews 

Do you have a product or a service that you'd like me to review?

Press Trips

I'll promote your destination to my website visitors, social media followers and email subscribers.


A banner created for your business, product or service that gets displayed on my site.

Contests and Giveaways

I can promote your business through a giveaway or a contest.

Brand Ambassadors

An ongoing partnership where I promote your business on a regular basis.

Social Media Management

Another way I can help you grow your business is by managing your social media channels. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, I can manage them and grow your followers for you, like I do on Wanna Be There. If you don't have any social media channels, I can even create them for you.

If you have any other ideas, let me know.

You can email me at [email protected] or use the contact page.

Find out more about me here.