5 Upcoming Travel Blog Topics and Plans for Wanna Be There

travel blog topics

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I want to share with you some upcoming travel blog topics and plans that I have for the site. Whether this is your first time here, or you’ve been here before, you can find out now what Wanna Be There is all about. Keep reading and find out what you can look forward to on the site.

Here are some of my travel blog topics and plans for this year

Something extra

travel blog topics

From day one, Wanna Be There has been all about travel. All the different and amazing travel destinations and vacation spots. Trip ideas and travel tips. Well it still is all that, but I just felt like it needed something more.

I started feeling that way because of how it seemed whenever I’d tell somebody about the site. I’d say yeah it’s all about different travel destinations, and that would be about it.

So I started thinking, what can I do to make this site stand out from all the other travel blogs out there. After doing some brainstorming, I decided to add something else. What that is, is different ways to make money online.

The reason that goes along with travel, is because when you can make money online, you can do it anywhere. If you make enough, you can do it full time, and travel whenever you want.

That’s why the homepage of the site now says “Travel wherever you want, whenever you want!”

What if you’re not interested in making money online, you just love to travel?

No problem, you are in the right place. Because this site is all about traveling to awesome places.

But if you’d love to be your own boss, and have the freedom to take a cruise, or a trip to the beach whenever you want. Then you are definitely in the right place.

More articles

travel blog topics

Over the last few months, I haven’t added that many new articles to the site. I’ve been doing a lot of marketing for Wanna Be There, mainly on Pinterest, and it’s working out great.

But one of the most important things I need to be doing, is adding new articles. So that’s what I plan on doing. Articles on some great travel destinations and vacation spots. Any kind of travel tips and trip ideas.

Now I’ll also be adding articles on ways to make money online.

I get a lot of requests from writers wanting to contribute to Wanna Be There. So there will be a combination of articles that I write, and also from some guest contributors.

So there should be plenty of good stuff to look forward to.

New look with more speed

travel blog topics

I plan on giving the site a new paint job sort of speak, an updated look and feel. Updating the homepage, and some of the other pages as well.

One page that I plan on giving a complete overhaul to, is the resource page. Including an RV rental section. So you might want to bookmark this page.

I’ve already done some things to make the site load faster, but I’m gonna do a little more to make it even faster still. Because when you come to the site, I want you to be able to find what you’re looking for right away.


travel blog topics

I think another good thing to have is some videos, so I do plan on doing some. There are videos on some of the site’s articles, but they’re not ones that I created. The only one that I’ve made so far is one that I did in 2018 on Fathers Day. You can see that one on my Facebook page right here.

Some prizes

travel blog topics

It’s great when somebody subscribes to Wanna Be There. So right now, I’m giving away a free packing list to everybody that does. If you’d like to have one, you can get one right here.

I’d like to give something else away too. Maybe some kind of a prize to anybody that refers 5 subscribers to the site.

Find out how to start your own travel blog


These are some of the travel blog topics and plans I have for the site, but I’d love to know what YOU think. Do you have any suggestions on any of the things listed?

Does making money online, so you can travel whenever you want make sense to you? If so, what would you like to start seeing on the site that would help you with that?

I also want to give you some more articles, are there any destinations you’d like to read more about? Let me know in the comment section below.

How bout the resource page, is there any other type of service you’d like me to add that would help you with your trips?

Do you have an idea on a type of video you’d like to see? Let me know.

Right now I’m giving away the free packing list. But if there’s something else you think would be more helpful, I’d love to know.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas you’d like to share? Please do! Just scroll down to the comment section and let me know what you think.

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