Catchy Travel Blog Names: How 33 Popular Travel Bloggers Picked Theirs

travel blog names

Are you thinking about starting a blog or a website for your online business? Well the first thing you need to do is to come up with a good name for it. I’m gonna show you some travel blog names that might help to give you some ideas.

I contacted some expert travel bloggers. Asking them if they could share how they came up with the name of their travel blogs. They had to start somewhere like you, and do some brainstorming to come up with their blog name also.

So how’d they do it? Let’s find out.

Here are the travel bloggers and how they chose their travel blog names

Sam from SOS Travel UK

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travel blog names

“Well SOS travel UK was born two years ago this month and the name is the initials of my name, Samantha Owen-Stoddart, I know some people also think it’s the help signal which actually gives it a double meaning. I wanted the name of my blog to be personal and all about inspiring others to travel.”

Chris Kamberis from Trip and Trail

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travel blog names

“When I was thinking how to name the website, I had decided from the start that I wouldn’t include anything personal like my name in it. For me, adding your name only deducts from the brand’s commercial value without adding anything in return. Plus, I think that this kind of naming is overdone nowadays.

I was looking for something short (Trip and Trail might be long but it’s only 3 syllables) and catchy. Something easy to remember, spell and to look at.

I designed Trip & Trail’s logo before I had made my mind if I would keep it or not. A name mustn’t only sound good, it has to look right as well.

I asked several people for their opinion and when I saw that most of them liked it, I went for it.

The fact that it is composed of two words with SEO value is an added bonus.”

Megan Jerrard from Mapping Megan

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travel blog names

“My first blog was called “Where in the World is Megan Claire“, and was named so because I was told that no-one ever knew!

But when I decided to make the transition from a hobby blog to a professional brand, and start blogging full time, I decided I needed something short and snappier, so people wouldn’t have to type in – it seemed far too long!

I threw the question of a new name out on Facebook to brainstorm with my family and friends, and someone came up with the name Mapping Megan. The rest was history – I’ve always been a sucker for alliteration!”

Cacinda Maloney from Points and Travel

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travel blog names

“I had been reading frequent flyer points blogs almost every day for about three years when I decided to start a blog back in 2012. Actually, it was my husband who thought of the blog name because it combined two things I loved to do: collect points and travel. Points and Travel is the perfect name for my travel blog.

Also, the term “points” has different meanings when related to travel: points on a map, points of interest, frequent flyer points, hotel program points, point to point flights, points and miles.

After about 6 months of writing a lot about points and less about travel, I decided I much prefer to write about the TRAVEL part of my life than the POINTS part as it relates to frequent flyer miles (although I still collect them!).

I then changed the focus of the blog and now primarily write about soft adventure, culture, and smart luxury travel experiences. I love transformational travel that is rich in cultural experiences during the day and then luxury boutique hotels at night.

With the use of points, travel easily becomes affordable and creates value in all my solo, family, girlfriend getaway, and couple vacations.

This way of travel allows me to target my audience of affluent and educated women and moms who are primarily married to wealthy, hard-working men who plan all the vacations for themselves and for the family.

The tagline for Points and Travel is Adventure and Culture by Day, Luxury by Night!”

Claire from Luxury Travel Diary

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travel blog names

“Nice and simple really, I wanted a title that would enable me to rite about my travels as they happen… like a diary, hence the name!”

Tom Bourlet from Spaghetti Traveller

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travel blog names

“Whenever people ask me for advice on starting a new blog, the first thing I state is take your time with the blog name. You are building a brand, therefore you can’t get it wrong.

There are so many considerations, such as trademark labels, whether the social platforms are available in the name, combining creativity with professionalism and yet keeping a sense of fun.

My story is a little bit on the odd side. While trying to think of names, I thought back to my childhood for inspiration. My favourite food was Heinz spaghetti hoops (or Spaghettios for all American’s), therefore I thought it would be a great idea to try a tin in each country around the world (I never quite kept to that).

I also made sure to keep a key term in the brand name, both to help people understand what I did on first sight and also for SEO purposes (keywords in domain names is not really a factor for SEO nowadays).

My biggest inspiration for a travel blog name when working on mine was Camel & Chocolate, as it instantly stood out when reading through blogs and stayed in my memory. It was unique, yet included a travel aspect (camels) and something they love (chocolate).”

Haley Guidry from Voyages of Mine

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travel blog names

“When trying to come up with a blog name, the only thing I knew at first was that I wanted it to be travel related in some way. After going through a few travel terms, “wandering, mapping, traveling, vagabonding, backpacking,” none of them seemed to quite fit for me.

Since I started out writing only about my personal experiences, I decided on Voyages of Mine. Although there have been times where I second guessed the name, I believe that sticking to a name that you originally were proud of is a good move so that any followers you have won’t lose track of you.”

Jeremy Scott Foster from Travel Freak

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travel blog names

“When I started my travel blog back in 2011, the Wandering Kate’s, Nomadic Earl’s, and Backpacking Becca’s had all been taken. It was the start of a naming trend that I wanted to steer clear of—the last thing I wanted was a name that was going to sound like everybody else’s.

Secondly, I wanted a name I could grow into. I knew that putting my actual name in the branding would limit the ability of my blog to grow into a brand of its own. So, in an effort to future-proof my brand, I picked a name that could be either a travel blog with my face on the front or a magazine with hundreds of contributors.

I ultimately landed on travel FREAK because it was unique, memorable and easily brandable.”

Gemma and Craig from Two Scots Abroad

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travel blog names

“Two Scots Abroad came to us quite naturally because we are Scottish, come as a pair and were about to embark on an 18-month career break to travel the Americas and Europe!

We like to play on our Scottishness – big fans of tartan (and plaid), proud of our Scottish banter and definitely fall into the stereotype of the tight Scot (hence why we write about affordable travel).

Jokes aside, I’m very happy with our decision. There’s still a long way to go with branding, such as we don’t have a logo yet but I’m hoping to commit to one by the end of the year.

My best advice is to stay away from popular terms such as ‘wanderlust’ or ‘travel’ but don’t be too unique that people don’t get it. Consider that your age, travel style and audience are likely to change over the years too, your brand should reflect that.”

Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere

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travel blog names

“Before I started my trip around the world in 2007, I knew I wanted to start a website to document the process and all of my travels. I have been involved in the Internet industry since 1994, so starting a website was a natural thing for me to do.

My first idea for a name for the site was “The Ugly American”. I thought there was fun stuff I could do with it, but it didn’t sit well with me, so I kept on thinking. I remember driving somewhere in my car when the name “Everything Everywhere” hit me. It was general, all-purpose, and sort of covered exactly what I wanted to do on my trip.

In hindsight, picking that name was one of the best things I did when I started.”

Eva and Tom from E & T Abroad

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travel blog names

“Coming up with a blog name is a bit stressful and a long-term decision. In our case, it was a bit easier as we are a couple. We wanted a name that is a bit neutral so we could choose and change niche and that the name could grow with us. We also wanted a blog name that kind of expressed ourselves and our journeys.

It was like an impossible job especially when many good domain names were already taken. So we kind of ended up with E&T Abroad – as we are Eva and Tomas, its very obvious were it came up from.”

Amy and Nathan from Two Drifters

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travel blog names

“Our name, Two Drifters, comes from the old song “Moon River.” The song is a beautiful, sweet ballad. Many people will recognize it from the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Basically, the lyrics say, “Two Drifters, off to see the world / there’s such a lot of world to see.”

It came to us immediately when we were thinking of creating a blog as we feel like there is SO much we want to see together. Our logo, a hot air balloon, also fits nicely into the theme of drifting and with its roots in a romantic song, the name also suits us perfectly since we write about relationships, love, and adventure.”

Paul Johnson from A Luxury Travel Blog

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travel blog names

“As one of the first luxury travel bloggers out there (back in 2005 when blogging was still in its infancy), the obvious name for my luxury travel blog was… well… Unfortunately, that domain was already taken, despite not being used, so I went for the alphabetic advantage of calling the site ‘A Luxury Travel Blog’ ( ).

There were a lot of alphabetically ordered lists of websites on the internet back then, so I believed – rightly or wrongly – that being towards the top of these many lists might give me a little helping hand.

I certainly don’t think it did any harm. Years later, I was doing a lot of work for a travel insurance company who, it materialised, had bought a number of domains up, including the one I’d been after all those years ago.

The domain was used as part payment for some work I was doing for them so today it forwards to my blog, despite me retaining the name of ‘A Luxury Travel Blog’.”

Mike Shubic from Mikes Road Trip

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travel blog names

“When I started my travel blog back in early 2010, I never expected it to become popular, or, turn into a profession—otherwise I might have given the name more thought. was simply a combination of my first name, and my love of road trips.

I was actually surprised the domain was available, as well as all of the social vanity urls. Now that I have over a dozen contributors and publish more than just “road trip,” travel content, I wish I had come up with a name better suited for different types of travel content, while also providing a possible exit strategy.”

Ayngelina Brogan from Bacon is Magic

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travel blog names

“I started my site in 2009, long before anyone was making more or considered making it a profession. There was a small community and many of the sites used “Nomad” in the name but I didn’t think I’d become nomadic, I simply thought I’d travel for a year or two and then return back to my career in advertising.

I once considered “We See As We Are” and “Page 108” which was the page of a book that inspired me to travel. But ultimately I chose Bacon is Magic because it was a joke amongst my friends.

I had always cooked and had people over for dinner parties, and when they’d ask why my minestrone was so good I’d share it had a bit of pancetta or my tomato sauce always had a tiny bit of chorizo. I knew that just a tiny bit of pork made things better – hence Bacon is Magic.

Along the way I was told by some people that it was a stupid name because it didn’t indicate travel. But today I think it really stands out, especially as I focus on culinary travel. People remember my site because I’m not another nomad or wanderer but the bacon girl.”

Check out Ayngelina’s recent post on Torchy’s Tacos Secret Menu.

Claudia Tavani from My Adventures Across The World

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travel blog names

“Back in the day when I started my blog, I knew nothing about blogging, let alone SEO. Becoming a professional travel blogger was not a goal for me. I just wanted to have my own platform where I could rant about things that went wrong during my trips.

Initially, I thought of calling my site “My Adventures Across Cuba” as really, Cuba is what I wanted to rant about. Then I thought I may eventually need to talk about other places and so I went for My Adventures Across The World.”

Christa Thompson from The Fairytale Traveler

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travel blog names

“So I was about 3 months into travel blogging when I started the Fairytale Traveler. I was sitting on my bed watching the History Channel and an episode of castles came on. I immediately asked out loud, why isn’t there a travel blog on magical places?

And bam!

The rest is history!”

Jenna and Micah from Wander The Map

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travel blog names

“We came up with our blog name by first brainstorming a long list of possible names. Then we checked to see which ones were available and narrowed down our options based on availability and feedback from family and friends. After we had a small list, we picked the one we liked the best and ended up with Wander The Map!”

Keith and Tina from Retire Early and Travel

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travel blog names

“At age 54, we decided to retire early. I gave 6-month notice at my job. During this time, all of our friends were asking us how can we retire early and what are you going to do with all that spare time.

After telling the story of how we managed to save enough money to retire early a hundred times and that we planned on traveling instead of working, we decided to start a website. The website was going to help people learn how to retire early themselves.

And show them the places in the world that they can travel to. We thought the website name was exactly what the website was about. That’s how we came up with the name, Retire Early and Travel.”

Ryan Biddulph from Blogging From Paradise

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travel blog names

“I thought of 2 things: aligning my blog name with my niche and picking a name you easily see. Alignment ensures folks know clearly the topic of discussion. Folks know my blog is about blogging from paradise, and stick around because no deviation exists between blog name and blog post content.

People easily see someone blogging from paradise, and since we think in pictures, I did their legwork for them, becoming memorable in their eyes.”

Cam and Nicole from Traveling Canucks

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travel blog names

“We choose the name Traveling Canucks for a few reasons. First, we are Canadians, and the term “Canuck” is an informal way to describe a Canadian. Kind of like “Kiwi” for New Zealanders or “Yankee” for Americans. Second, we live in Vancouver and the city’s professional hockey team is named the Vancouver Canucks – so that played a small role in our decision.

Third, we wanted the name to be adaptable to change. When we started the blog, we were backpackers who wrote about budget travel. Now, we are family travel bloggers who write about luxurious destinations. This name has allowed us to evolve with the times.

When we started the blog 10 years ago, the domain name, with 2 L’s, was not available. This is the correct spelling if you are using Canadian English. So we went with the American spelling, which is Most of our traffic comes from the US, so it worked out better having the American spelling.

A few years ago the domain name with two L’s became available, so we now own that, too. But our branding on all social channels is still spelled with 1 L. We’ve actually been called out many times for the fact that we promote being a Canadian blog but our name is not spelled the Canadian way.”

Sally Elbassir from Passport and Plates

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travel blog names

“I knew I wanted my blog name to reflect my niche, which is both food and travel. My sister and I both sat and brainstormed all the words we could think of related to food and travel and once we had a list, googled them to see what was taken.

Most weren’t available – there are a lot of food and travel blogs out there! – but in the end Passport and Plates worked out. I still get compliments about the name to this day.”

Jonathan Sacks from Everybody Hates a Tourist

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travel blog names

“My blog name, Everybody Hates A Tourist, comes from a line in one of my favorite songs – “Common People” by Pulp. The full line is “Cause everybody hates a tourist, especially one who thinks it’s all such a laugh”.

It’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek as far as my blog name goes, but there is truth behind it as well. It’s the philosophy I believe in when it comes to travel.

When I am traveling, I try to engage with the local culture as much as I can, getting to know the place rather than having just basic tourist experiences. Cultural differences are what make us all unique around the world, and we should all learn from each other & make those interactions positive.”

Jenni and Mark from Just Chasing Rabbits

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travel blog names

“Just Chasing Rabbits is a travel blog for kids-at-heart by Jennifer and Mark Campbell. We explore the world and all of its iconic, amazing, and unusual destinations, sharing our findings and experiences on the blog. The name “Just Chasing Rabbits” came from Jenni’s mom.

Any time we’re on a road trip with my mom and take a wrong turn, or maybe the GPS is leading us on a wild goose chase, my mom will say something like, “We’re just chasing rabbits!” or “We’re just rabbit huntin’!” or “We might find something to see this way.”

Basically, she looks at going the wrong way or getting lost as just another opportunity to see something new. I love the idea of staying positive and finding new sites, places, or experiences when you’ve veered off the beaten path. The term “chasing rabbits” can also mean to go off on a tangent.

If you’ve ever gone to YouTube to watch one video but found yourself still watching, probably learning how to juggle or bake a cake, at two in the morning, you have been chasing rabbits!

We think it’s a great fit for our blog because we definitely recommend getting off the usual tourist track and seeing where the roads may take you while traveling. You never know what you’ll find when you’re “Just Chasing Rabbits!”

Kristine MacMillan from Kristine Wanders

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travel blog names

“I decided on the Blog name of Kristine wanders because I knew that I wanted my name in my blog name. I’ve always been a wanderer. Often I travel just for the sake of traveling. Like I’m wandering through life but I’ve yet to determine where the final destination is.

For me, the word wander has a lightness and a peacefulness to it and that’s how I want my path in life to be…..carefree, full of light and wonder.”

Vicki Garside from Make Time To See The World

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travel blog names

“I decided on Make Time To See The World because at the time I was working full time and, to be honest, became frustrated with so many people asking how I could travel as much as I did whilst working. I’ve always make the most of whatever opportunity I had to get away, whether it was a long weekend, or multi-week adventure.

All is takes is planning, saving consistently (unless you’re well enough off that money doesn’t matter!) and making travel a priority. Make Time To See The World was an instruction and a challenge to the world at the same time!”

Nellie Huang from Wild Junket

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travel blog names

“I wanted a name that was unique and hard to forget, and truly encapsulated my personality and travel style. That meant I wanted something with ‘wild’ or ‘crazy’. Then I went to to find another word that meant ‘travel’ and I was drawn to ‘junket’.

Wild junket seemed like a good fit, and voila! It’s stuck since and I think many people remember my blog because of its name.”

Stephanie Parker from Big World Small Pockets

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travel blog names

“I knew I wanted my blog to be budget-focused (as that’s the way I’ve travelled my whole life) and I knew I needed something fun and light-hearted to represent this. I also wanted a blog name that encompassed global travel from the Eiffel Tower to Ethiopia, so that I could demonstrate how travelling cheap is possible the world over.

Big World Small Pockets had a nice ring to it. I liked the quirkiness of “pockets” (as opposed to anything more serious connected with money) and as soon as it popped into my brain, I knew it was the one!”

Dave and Deb from The Planet D

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travel blog names

“We came up with The Planet D over a glass of wine when deciding on a name for the blog we needed to create for a race through Africa in 2008. The organizers asked all participants to start a blog for people following the race. We were big fans of The Lonely Planet and both our names start with the letter “D” so we wanted to combine the two.

We used The Lonely Planet travel guides throughout all our travels from 2000-2007 (just before we started training for the race through Africa) and wanted to capture their essence. So, The Planet D was born.

I think if we were creating our blog as a long term business, we would have gone with something different, but our blog was not created to become travel bloggers.

It was created to host our media appearances and newspaper clippings from the race so we could have all our videos, photos and articles in one place to help us pitch a travel show. Our goal was originally to become hosts of an adventure travel show for couples and the race was meant to be the springboard for that.

When the travel show didn’t workout, we looked into the business of blogging and since we already had a blog, it stuck! In 2009, we switched goals and decided to become travel bloggers.”

Tianna Gratta from The Passport Chronicles

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travel blog names

“About 5 years ago I was writing for someone else’s blog and decided I would be better off starting my own. It took a lot of deliberation on a new blog name as the one I was working for had such a great name. I wanted something a little obvious.

After thinking about what drives me I wanted it to have something to do with books because I love to read, so chronicles was chosen and passport seemed to fit so well. Thus giving birth to The Passport Chronicles.”

Betsi and Jim from Betsi’s World

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travel blog names

How Betsi’s World Was Born

“When I first got bitten by the blogging bug in late 2015, I knew this was something I had to pursue. My husband Jim and I are avid boaters, and we have done a fair amount of offshore sailing from the Chesapeake Bay down through the Bahamas and beyond. It made a lot of sense to start a blog to share our travels.

We thought about names and made a list after list of names we liked. But the more time we spent pondering the names we had come up with, the more we didn’t like them. They were plain-jane and didn’t allow a lot of room for growth.

Over dinner, with friends, one night, one that involved lots of wine and laughs, Jimmy, one of our friends said, “I have the perfect name – Planet Betsi!” Even though it wasn’t the perfect name, it got the creative juices flowing, and everyone pitched in tossing various versions of ‘Planet Betsi’ around.

Suddenly a grin split his face, and my wonderful husband shouted above the fray, “Betsi’s World.” And everyone stopped. It was absolutely quiet enough to hear a pin drop – not even the dogs were making a sound. And suddenly, everyone started chiming in at once – “it’s perfect! Describes you to a T!

Let’s see if the domain is available….” And before I knew what was happening we had the laptop open and were securing the domain – Betsi’s World had indeed been born.

It has evolved through the years, but the essence is the same. We want to share with our tribe, our valued readers, destinations throughout the South, Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean. We’ll travel by land or by sea, sharing the stories, the food, and people of the destinations we find.”

Betsi’s World would love to have you check us out

Erin from Explore With Erin

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travel blog names

“My name? Great question! I ran Travel With Bender for 5 years. That blog was originally called Original I know. I changed it to Travel With Bender since I wanted people to know it was a Travel Blog and simply my surname was Bender.

When I started Explore With Erin I wanted to make sure that people knew it was still me. Unfortunately, Travel With Erin domain name was already taken so I decided to use an alliteration.

I went through so many words and found Explore worked well for where I wanted my brand to go. I no longer wanted to just Explore travel. I wanted to write about food and lifestyle too. Thus Explore With Erin was born.”

Pola Henderson from Jetting Around

travel blog names

Jetting Around is a nod to my earliest memory: sitting on a plane by the wing, waiting for takeoff. I was less than three years old. I can safely say that the first family trip – from Poland to the Middle East – sparked my lifelong interest in flying and exploring.

There’s also another reason for choosing JA as the blog’s name. At the time of starting the blog, I was traveling almost every weekend. I recall telling a former colleague about an upcoming trip, to which she replied, “You’re always jetting around! Didn’t you just travel somewhere?” Voilà!”

Pola Henderson is a travel writer and event producer. She grew up in Krakow, lived in Chicago for many years, and is currently based in Paris. Find her on Twitter, Instagram (travel), Instagram (Paris), and Facebook.

How I chose the name for this site

There are a few methods you can use for finding a domain name for your website. The first way is to try to come up with some ideas and make a list of all the names you can think of. Then check to see which ones are available and pick your favorite one.

You can also look at domain names that have already been registered. That’s what I did. There are a lot of places where you can find them, but this is the site I used. They show a bunch of different ones. Some are expired, and some are still active.

The expired ones are available to register again. The active ones you have to buy, through auction or buy it now. I had to take the auction route for Wanna Be There. Because when I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect name for a travel blog.

Will you use your real name?

That can work too. Here are some successful travel bloggers that did that.

Some things to remember

1. Keep the name short. It’ll make it easier for people to remember.

2. If you can, get the .com. It’s the first thing people will type in when they’re looking for your site.

3. Make sure the name is available on the Social Media channels. That’s something I didn’t do, but I should have.

4. Make sure it’s descriptive. It should be obvious right away to people what the site is about.

5. Don’t use any punctuation marks, numbers or misspellings. You want it to look professional.

Wrapping things up

I wanna thank all the expert travel bloggers for sharing their stories. Explaining how they came up with the names for their blogs.

Hopefully looking at some of these travel blog names gives you some inspiration. Making it a little easier for you to come up with a name for your blog.

Once you find the name you’re happy with, you’ll be ready for the next phase. Then you can start building an amazing travel blog or any online business website. You gotta get that name first though.

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