List of 50 Cool Travel and Tourism Blogs for You to Follow

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Here’s a list of 50 cool and fun travel tourism blogs to enjoy. Some you may have heard of, some you might not have. They’re not in any kind of specific order, but they’re all a lot of fun to visit.

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Personal Travel Blogs

1) Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten is an adventure traveler and photographer. He shares some great stories and travel tips from his adventures around the world.

2) Nomadic Matt  

Matt’s traveled all over the world and is the best selling author of “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”.

3) Driftwood Journals

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Ben Holbrook is a travel writer and photographer from the UK. He shares his travel experiences through his blog as he discovers them.

4) Journey Wonders

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Raphael Alexander started this blog to document his life of travel and freedom. He likes to show everyone else how to do the same thing.

5) Johnny Jet

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Johnny started out trying to earn his own miles and when he figured it out, he told his friends. Then when others started asking him about it, so he decided to create this site.

6) Joao Leitao

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Joao Leitao is a travel expert who also enjoys photography. He’s been all over the world and shares his adventures and travel tips through this blog.

7) California Through My Lens

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Josh runs his site with the help of his wife. He loves photography and the outdoors. He created this site talk about his adventures and help others to do the same.

8) Journey Era

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Jackson Groves loves the freedom he gets from traveling the world. You can keep up with him as he documents his many adventures through this site.

9) Active Planet Travels

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Ron Robbins started this blog as his own personal online journal. He wanted to document his travels backpacking around the world. He is now an expert traveler.

10) Backpacking Man

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Jonny loves traveling the world carrying nothing more than his backpack. Allowing him to interact better with the locals. Sharing his life lessons through his site.

Food Travel Blogs

11) Migrationology

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Site owner Mark Wiens travels full time with his wife, eating food from all over the world. He shares his experiences on his blog and through videos.

12) Will Fly for Food

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JB and Renee are the travel eaters behind this site. They love travel, adventure and they love their food. Interesting dishes play a big part in where they’ll go next.

13) Culinary Backstreets

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Co founders Yigal Schleifer and Ansel Mullins are the creators of this site. They not only show travelers good places to eat. They make sure these places get the recognition they deserve.

14) Bacon is Magic

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Ayngelina travels and shares on her site, some of the best food from around the world. She also shows you how you can make them at home.

15) Global Locavore

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Lauren Bishop is the voice behind this great blog. She shares stories from around the world about people who grow, make and eat some amazing food.

16) The Travel Bite

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Rachelle Lucas is the food and travel blogger behind this cool site. She’s been to over 50 countries and knows how to find the best meals.

17) Katie Parla

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Katie Parla highlights great food, beverages and the people that create that food. Giving special attention to Rome, where she lives.

18) Will Travel for Food

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Mayssam is a food and travel writer out of Montreal. She travels the world in search of the next culinary discovery, and shares it on this site.

19) Eat Your World

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Scott and Laura created this blog as a guide to regional food and drinks from around the world. Helping travelers find the best authentic eats.

20) Road Food

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Jane and Michael Stern have been food guides for over 40 years. They’ve written over 40 books between the two of them.

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Couple Travel Blogs

21) Finding the Universe

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Laurence and Jessica are the travelers behind this site. They’re also photographers and writers who document there travels around the world.

22) Local Adventurer

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Esther and Jacob explore a new city every year. Their blog was recently named one of the top 5 travel blogs in the US and the world.

23) The Planet D

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Dave and Deb found a better life and a way fulfill their dreams through their travels. They started this site to help others to do the same.

24) Retire Early and Travel

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Keith and Tina are destination and experience experts and marketers. They created their blog because they love to travel. Through their expertise, they want to help others travel too.

25) The Savvy Backpacker

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James and Susan are a husband and wife team who love living and traveling in Europe. They created this blog to help travelers plan backpacking trips to Europe.

26) Adventure in You

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Tom and Anna are the founders of this travel blog. They share personalized destination advice, travel tips and travel guides. Helping others get the most out of every travel experience.

27) Nerd Nomads

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IT nerds Espen and Maria are travelers from the arctic. They love traveling and exploring the world. Sharing all the interesting things they come across on their journey.

28) Luxe Adveture Traveler

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Jennifer and Tim are professional travel writers and photographers. On their blog they combine adventure with luxury. From exciting destinations around the world.

29) Ordinary Traveler

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Christy and Scott have been traveling around the world together since 2006. Through their blog they like to inspire others to be able to live the adventurous life that they do.

30) Goats on the Road

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Nick and Dariece are the Canada couple behind this blog. Experienced travelers who have traveled for many years. They’re also to videographers, the photographers and the writers.

Female Travel Blogs

31) Wild Junket

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Nellie shares her personal travel stories through her travel blog. She’s been traveling the world since 2003. Her mission is to travel to every country in the world.

32) Young Adventuress

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This travel blog belongs to Liz Carlson. She shares her stories and misadventures. Her travels and all the things she finds interesting.

33) Hippie in Heels

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Travel blogger Rachel Jones calls herself one part hippie and one part girlie girl. Her blog focuses on off beat places and glamorous travel.

34) I Am Aileen

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Aileen wants to inspire others through her travel blog. With her personal adventures and life stories. She also shares travel hacks, guides, recommendations and tips.

35) The Blond Abroad

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Kiersten left a career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. She’s traveled to over 50 countries. Inspiring others to live a life you love.

36) Dangerous Business

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Amanda started this blog in 2010. She’s been to more that 50 countries, so she has plenty of stories to share about traveling.

37) Be My Travel Muse

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Kristin is the girl you’ll find on this blog. She’s been adventuring around the globe since September of 2012. Sharing helpful info about countries all over the world.

38) Just One Way Ticket

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Sabrina is the travel blogger and photographer behind this blog. Sharing her adventures and amazing pictures from all over the world.

39) That Backpacker

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On her blog, Audrey shares about her love of travel. She gives tips for traveling on a budget. Inspiring others to plan some great adventures.

40) Petite Passport

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Pauline Egge is the journalist, photographer and owner of this site. Sharing some unique hot spots and some of the nicest places on earth.

Family Travel Blogs

41) Y Travel Blog

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Caz and Craig are travel addicts that live life unplugged. They prove that travel doesn’t stop after kids. They’ve lived in 5 countries and have been to 52.

42) Our Awesome Planet

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A lifestyle blog documenting the food and adventures of their family travels. Sharing their stories with other families and foodies that love to travel.

43) 365 Atlanta Family

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A family travel blog owned by Lesli Peterson. Recently named one of the top 50 travel blogs in the world.

44) Points with a Crew

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Dan Miller does his traveling with his wife and 6 children. He shares his travel tips and helps other families plan their trips.

45) Where’s Sharon

Sharon’s blog is all about family travel. She’s married and has three children. She shares her tips and experiences of traveling with kids.

46) Travel Mamas

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Colleen Lanin is the site founder and the author of the award winning book, The Travel Mama’s Guide. She also gives travel tips on TV and radio.

47) Tips for Family Trips

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Allison believes that travel is good for families. Making them smarter, stronger and even happier. Her blog shares the information needed for making the best travel decisions.

48) Flashpacker Family

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Bethaney and Lee are the tourism bloggers of this travel blog. They travel the world with their two children. Sharing stories of all their family travels.

49) I Should Log Off

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Jillian and Danny created this blog to share their personal travel stories. Traveling and exploring the world. Hoping to inspire other to do the same.

50) Off with the Kids

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The D’Amores love traveling as a family. They’ve been to over 25 countries and all 50 states. They share their stories and travel tips through their travel blog.

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This list is only a fraction of all the wonderful travel and tourism blogs that are out there. If you love to travel and love reading about it, you’ll find many more great ones to check out. Do you have any favorites that aren’t on the list?

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