Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples (5 Places You Can Go to Right Now)

Looking for cheap vacation ideas for couples? I’ve scoured the globe, and brought my own SO along with me, so you know just where to go.

We’ve found the best budget friendly spots for a romantic getaway. Your next vacation may be near home or a plane ride away, but doesn’t have to break the bank.

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1. Redwood National Park

cheap vacation ideas for couples

There’s nothing we love more than outdoor adventure. Do you share the same passion, or are you looking for a new adventure? Then take your honey to Redwood National Park. You can take a flight into San Francisco, Sacramento, or Portland. Then enjoy the drive to this outdoor paradise.

The big trees will call you and there’s no better way to enjoy the forest views then on a hike. The hiking trails lead to beautiful spots. Like the glowing green oasis of Fern Canyon. Or the ocean views of Enderts Beach, both prime locations for elk sightings!

There are restaurants outside the park. But try grocery shopping to make the perfect picnic or homemade meal. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can pitch a tent in the park or rent a rustic cabin. Don’t underestimate the romance of a cabin. We walked away closer than ever after a cozy cabin weekend of hiking and home cooking on a little stove.

2. Savannah, Georgia

cheap vacation ideas for couples

Looking for some southern charm? Head to Savannah, Georgia for some romance with your sweetheart. Kiss under the spanish moss of the city’s parks and waterfront. Stroll hand in hand to the historic district for a glimpse into the heart of Savannah. You can stay, eat and explore the art, theater and southern culture of this elegant city.

If you’re like me, you’ll want some of the classic southern dishes. Try the ones made by local restaurants followed by a quick show and glass of wine. Savannah checks all those boxes.

I love to explore little Bed and Breakfasts wherever we go to best soak up that local flavor, but if that’s not your scene, there are just as many familiar hotels to choose from. There are hotels of all price ranges in the historic district so you can choose a price that’s right for you.

If you need to fly in then the convenient choice is to fly direct to Savannah, but you may save some money by creating your own road trip flying in and out of Atlanta where there is never a shortage of flights.

Check rates and availability for places to stay in Savannah

3. Puerto Rico

cheap vacation ideas for couples

Puerto Rico has called us back to it’s amazing history, beautiful culture and private beaches over and over. Since Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth, there’s no need for a passport and most US based airlines fly frequently to San Juan – double awesome.

Unlike many big US destinations, you’ll find Puerto Rico to be very affordable. Stay amongst the old world charm of Old San Juan, the perfect spot for walks with your SO. Learn about the rich history of San Juan at the San Felipe del Morro Fortress, then take your time meandering through the colorful streets to a local haunt for drinks and servings of Mofongo (try it, it’s good!).

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If you want to explore more of Puerto Rico, try zip lining through the island’s dense jungle. Or grab the ferry for a day trip to the nearby islands of Culebra or Vieques. There you can play and sun on the beautiful beaches.

You won’t regret venturing to a Puerto Rico beach, we promise! If you don’t want to leave the big island, then live like a local and check out the beaches a short walk from downtown.

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4. Tulum, Mexico

cheap vacation ideas for couples

If you’re wanting to leave the country, but not go too far, then Tulum, Mexico may be your spot. Any time we step off the plane and feel the warm Mexico air we instantly relax into vacation. Boasting a beautiful location on the Caribbean Sea, Tulum has adventure and relaxation in store for all visitors at a great price!

We love Tulum because we get the best of two worlds, history and sunshine. Tulum is where history meets paradise allowing you to enjoy the amazing beaches and explore remnants of the Mayan empire at nearby ruins. When you’re ready to call it a night, you can make your way to one of Tulum’s coastal hotels or all-inclusive resorts.

Whatever kind of paradise you want to escape to, you can create it in Tulum. Book one of the many flights to Cancun and take a bus, taxi or hotel shuttle to this Mexican getaway.

Check rates and availability for places to stay in Tulum

5. Budapest, Hungary

cheap vacation ideas for couples

If you’re willing to break out that passport and cross ‘the pond’, then Budapest may be the international destination for you. The biggest investment of this trip will be your plane ticket, but for an international ticket they are still pretty cheap, anywhere from $600-$700 roundtrip per person.

Once you’re there you will live like kings and queens in this walkable, historical, inexpensive city.

Get the romance started by sharing a dip in the thermal baths of Budapest. I fell in love with the beautiful architecture and design of the historical bathhouses, an experience only made better by the warm water and fun fountains.

Check for accommodation rates and availability in Budapest

After your dip, head over to the Buda Castle, enjoy views of the Parliament Building on the Danube River, and taste every gyro you can get your hands on. You’ll leave Budapest arm in arm with your SO feeling cultured, relaxed and full.

Next Stop?

It’s time to grab your sweetheart and plan that vacation! So if you’re looking to find cheap vacation ideas for couples, then take the time off, book the trip and experience something new. Whether it’s near or far, beaches or forests, modern or historical, the right romantic trip for you is out there and in budget.

The hardest part is always taking the first step to book a vacation, but we’ve never regretted a getaway that brought us closer together – especially when it doesn’t hurt our bank account.

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