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Plan your next vacation and find out all about those fun places that you want to go. Get all your information right here, so you can save time searching, and get your trip planned quicker.

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Hi, I’m Joe!
A fellow travel lover and founder of this site. My love for travel is definitely hereditary. Growing up, we traveled a lot and went to some great places.
One year we spent Christmas at a campground in Key West, FL. We got a little tropical tree and put it on our picnic table and hung some ornaments on it. It was great!
I still get excited about going on trips and taking vacations just like I did growing up. My family definitely shares my excitement for traveling.
We’re not the only ones that love traveling though
If you’re here, I’m sure you love to travel too. I created Wanna Be There for people like you who share my love for traveling and taking vacations.
If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at joe@wannabethere.com or use the contact page.